About NSA

National Sheep Association (NSA) is an organisation that represents the views and interests of sheep producers throughout the UK.

About the National Sheep Association

NSA is funded by its membership of sheep farmers and its activities involve it in every aspect of the sheep industry. Areas of activity include:

  • Promoting the positive contribution of sheep farming and associated industries to the economy, environment, culture and society.
  • Informing policy decisions through consultation and by working with Defra, other Government departments, non-governmental organisations and industry bodies.
  • Active involvement in cross-industry groups covering, but not limited to, trade, production, health and welfare, traceability, and disease control and response.
  • Producing and promoting industry advice for best practice, high animal welfare and sustainability.
  • Communicating directly with farmers on important issues for the sector.
  • Ensuring the needs of grassroots farmers are represented in research and development work, and practical outcomes are communicated.
  • Organising a range of events to facilitate connections and knowledge transfer within the industry, including the industry-leading NSA Sheep Events.
  • Organising multi-breed ram sales, offering vendors and purchasers a platform to buy and sell independently inspected stock.
  • Supporting members through a range of practical initiatives, including the NSA Legal Helpline and NSA Lambing List.
  • Supporting the future of the sheep industry through the NSA Next Generation initiative.

NSA’s vision is one of the people involved in keeping sheep being enthusiastic, knowledgeable and aspiring to best practice – and those not keeping sheep being increasingly aware of the contribution sheep make to society and of the core aspects of the sector. If you wish to learn more about the UK sheep industry, look at the ‘For the Public’ section of our website.


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Lord Inglewood
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