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Gold Supporters

NSA is grateful to the wide array of companies who choose to support the organisation with a Gold Supporters package.

To join them as a Gold Supporter, please download the application form here.

Ceva Animal Health

Ceva Animal Health is the UK subsidiary of Ceva Santé Animale, a global animal health company focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products for ruminant livestock, pigs, poultry and pets.  For sheep, Ceva's focus is in reducing enzootic abortion in ewes, supporting reproduction and endoparasite treatment.


Datamars effectively captures and utilizes meaningful data to make a measurable impact. Through connected solutions with Z Tag & TagFaster EID ear tags, livestock can be digitally scanned to monitor growth and performance with Tru-Test readers & weigh scales. Maximize your forage utilisation with Pel or Speedrite electric fencing and administer accurate treatments using Simcro or NJ Phillips .

Trouw Nutrition

Trouw Nutrition GB is a leading authority in the field of animal nutrition. We provide innovative nutritional products and technically advanced solutions to the increasing demands of the modern animal nutrition markets. Products include premixes, minerals, milk replacers and other nutritional ingredients. Leaders in laboratory and forage analysis.

Tornado Wire

As the only wire fencing manufacturer to have evolved from a farming/fence contracting business, Tornado have unique knowledge and understanding of exactly how a fence needs to perform in the field. We pay meticulous attention to detail to consistently design and produce the highest quality, best value, fencing solutions.

Agri Briefing

Agri Briefing is the UK’s fastest growing agriculture media company operating from its headquarters in Preston, Lancashire. Its portfolio includes a total of 11 brands including: Farmers Guardian, Dairy Farmer, Arable Farming, LAMMA and FG Insight.

Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC)

HCC is the industry-led organisation responsible for development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat. Working with the whole supply chain – from farmers to retailers – HCC aims to develop the industry as well as profitable markets for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Welsh Lamb, PGI Welsh Beef and pork from Wales. 

Virbac Limited

Virbac is a global, animal health-only company.  Virbac is dedicated to assisting farmers and veterinary health professionals deliver improved health and welfare of animals.  For sheep owners and farmers, Virbac offer a unique vaccine Gudair that helps to combat the long term welfare and financial effects of Johne's Disease in flocks.


Volac is a family owned leader in the application of dairy nutrition. Manufacturing and supplying high quality milk powders, Lamlac to feed your goat kids, bypass fats and silage additives. All these Volac products are manufactured in Great Britain and are all supported with strong technical, sales and marketing teams


Herdwatch is the UK's No.1 Farm Management App used by over 18,000 farmers.  Herdwatch is designed for cattle farmers but at the clikc of a button you can switch to Flockwatch, which specifically caters for sheep farmers' needs with simple medicine records, lambing records, weights and much, much more...

Suzuki GB

Since inventing the first four-wheel ATV in 1983, we have continued to innovate our range of reliable and practical models, from the Ozark 250 to the KingQuad 750 XP. For more information on Suzuki’s range of ATVs or to find your local Suzuki Dealer visit


Logic is a British manufacturing company that specialises in the design and production of quality equipment and accessories for ATVs, UTVs and quad bikes, including trailers, mowers, flail mowers, spreaders, ATV spreaders, feeders, weed wipers, sprayers, ATV sprayers, stock feeders, bowsers, electro-broadcasters, rollers, sweepers, aerators and winter maintenance equipment.

Shearwell Data

Shearwell Data Ltd is an animal identification and software management business, supporting livestock farmers with management packages and equipment including sheep and cattle tags, EID readers and handling systems.  All products are trialled on our farms before going into production to ensure quality, reliability and ease of use for farmers. 

Barenbrug UK

Grass experts since 1904, Barenbrug UK breed and develop quality grass varieties for agriculture, delivering modern grass for modern farms. With dedicated mixtures designed for getting more production from sheep, Barenbrug UK regularly trial and test mixtures in on-farm trials across the country to develop excellent mixtures to deliver for sheep farmers.

Trident Feeds
The Woodland Trust

Thoughtfully integrating trees into sheep farming systems can boost production and improve animal health and welfare whilst also providing wider water management and biodiversity benefits.  The Woodland Trust offer free advice and support for tree and hedge planting on your farm.


Successful livestock markets at Worcester, Ludlow, Kington, Knighton and Brecon attracting clients from John O’Groats to Lands End. Also a buoyant pedigree livestock following and official auctioneers to nine cattle and 14 sheep breed societies, plus 24 estate agency offices, two sales rooms and rural professional and planning/surveying departments.

Elanco Animal Health

Elanco Animal Health is a global innovation-driven pharmaceutical company. Our food animal portfolio includes recognised brands such as CLiK® and CLiKZiN® for blowfly prevention, Vecoxan® for coccidiosis, and Fasinex®, Supaverm® and Flukiver® for liver flukicide control.


The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) is a statutory levy board, funded by farmers, growers and others in the supply chain to help the industry succeed in a rapidly changing world. It aims to create a world-class food and farming industry, inspired by and competing with the best.


XLVets is a group of 40+ independently owned practices, spanning the length of the UK.  Working together to achieve the highest standards within veterinary care for their clients and animals.


Farmgene provides embryo transfer, AI and semen freezing services to the British sheep farmer.  Services are provided both on farm and from our AI Centre at Ensdon House, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury.  The AI Centre is licenced for the export of semen and embryos to a wide range of countries.

Rumenco and Nettex

Rumenco specialises in quality feed supplements and feeding systems, investing in high manufacture standards, customer service, technical service and research to ensure current market requirements are met. We have been helping farmers to maximise animal performance from home-grown feeds for over 50 years. Nettex is a division of Rumenco.  

Meat & Livestock Classification

MLC stands as the sole independent provider of carcase classification services within the UK processing industry. Our commitment lies in safeguarding farmers’ interests through dependable and unbiased weighing and grading, while ensuring compliance with carcase dressing specifications.

Healthy Hooves

Healthy Hooves specialises in footbath solutions for all animals, offering more animal passes per footbath, the ability to eliminate formalin, reduced amounts of copper and zinc in manure, and products that remain effective in the footbath for several days. Speak to them today about their copper and zinc sulphate products.

ED&F Man Liquid Products UK

The leading supplier of molasses based liquid products, offering a range of specialist feeds to improve flock performance.  Liquid feeds offer several unique benefits especially coming up to lambing when optimal feeding is essential.  We also supply a range of storage and feeding equipment designed for use with sheep.

Caltech Crystalyx

Crystalyx feed blocks offer a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of sheep, beef and dairy livestock. Packed full protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Crystalyx blocks give livestock the ability to perform at their very best.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is a global leader in microbial fermentation using yeast and bacteria in animal agriculture. Producing quality silage inoculants and feed additives to benefit the wellbeing and production of your flock through proven solutions.

MSD Animal Health

We are constantly striving to find solutions that protect livestock today, for everyone’s tomorrow. Putting prevention first, we adapt to the needs of the farming industry, to future-proof livestock production. The MSD range of animal health solutions means we predict, prevent and treat ruminant diseases, in partnership with animal health advisors and vets making a difference to all UK farms.

Rurtec Ltd

Rurtec is a world leader in innovative sheep husbandry.  Continual advancement has made MATINGMARK the world’s number one breeding harness and recent developments include the NO MATE Teaser Harness and revolutionary new ADLAM Versatile Lambing Harness.  AgriHealth supplies Rurtec products to vet/farm supply stores in the British Isles.


A growing number of sheep farmers have been using Bedmax pine shavings in their lambing pens. Predominantly made from pine timber, which has proven natural antiseptic properties, an investment in Bedmax shavings saves money in antiseptic bedding treatments, antibiotics and, crucially, in lamb losses. Visit or call 01668 213467.

British Wool

A farmer-run organisation, British Wool operates a central marketing system for UK fleece wool returning to producers the market price for their wool. It is the only organisation in the world that collects, grades, sells and promotes fleece wool and the only remaining agricultural commodity board in the UK.   Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, to raise awareness amongst consumers of the unique, natural and sustainable benefits of wool. The CfW is a collaboration between an international community of wool growers, fashion designers, retailers, manufacturers, artisans and interior designers.

Westpoint Veterinary Group Ltd

Our aim is to serve the needs of the farming community by providing animal keepers with a high quality veterinary service based on proactive advice, support and cost effective medicines.  Being part of a national group allows our vets to provide specialist expertise at a local level.


Rapid growing spring grass is notoriously low in selenium. It’s also typically very high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can cause oxidative tissue damage. At and around weaning, lambs are mainly reliant on selenium from soil intake whilst grazing, or from the content of the forage they consume. 


At Zoetis we are committed to helping Vets, SQP’s and Farmers progress their businesses by offering products designed to improve the health and wellbeing of the animals under their care. New from Zoetis is Parassist, delivering tools and services which complement our Parasiticide range to help optimise productivity.