NI Regional Report

27th January 2012

2012 has begun with numerous consultations needing replies from N.I. Region. Most important for us is the new CAP Proposals which are expected to come into force in 2014. N.I. Region would be totally opposed to suggestions regarding ‘Greening’ and the ways of investigating the eligibility of ‘active farmers’. In general the new proposals appear to increase red tape & bureaucracy and rather than promote biodiversity and production they are likely to have a negative effect. Hopefully the agreed proposals will be an improvement on what’s on the table at present, but whatever happens NSA will be trying to get a fair share for sheep farmers.

We have had a series of meetings on ‘Worm Resistance in sheep’ around the Province in conjunction with Pfizer Animal Health in an effort to highlight the seriousness of the recent findings on local resistance in a recent survey conducted by AFBI.

We had a useful meeting on our Chairman Maurice McHenry’s farm in Ballycastle with DUP MEP Diane Dodds where she had a chance to see EID in action. A trip up on to his hill to see areas of heather and gorse and discuss land eligibility was followed by a welcome hot ‘cuppa’ and snack.

The Region will have a presence at the NBA Beef NI Event on 6th March in Dungannon Farmers Mart.

NI NSA Officials and Committee would like to congratulate Peter Morris on his well-deserved winning of The George Hedley Award.