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NSA welcomes improved availability of vaccines at crucial time

26th September 2023

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is welcoming news that stock levels of vaccines protecting breeding ewes from enzootic abortion (EAE) are returning to normal after recent shortages.

As the UK sheep breeding season gets underway, later lambing flocks will now be able to source the important vaccine required to protect ewes from miscarrying their lambs due to EAE.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker says: “As the EAE vaccine has to be administered at least four weeks before tupping it has been a critical time for sheep farmers trying to source the vaccine. Every week counts, and so NSA is now urging sheep farmers to speak with their vaccine supplier or vet to ensure their ewes are protected. After months of NSA calling for any action to improve vaccine stocks it is particularly good news to hear of some return to normal.”

NSA will be further discussing the recent shortage of livestock vaccines in the UK in its next NSA Breakfast Club.

Mr Stocker continues: “In this NSA Breakfast Club we will hear from Jonathon Statham – Chair of the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England Committee - who will discuss the reasons why we have experienced a shortage across supply chains, how it is being rectified and how long this might take to resolve as well as the wider long term impacts this shortage might have across the livestock industry.”

“We will also hear from Dr Joe Henry – specialist beef and sheep vet (Black Sheep Vets) on management practices, how to mitigate long term impacts and what to do if you can’t access vaccines along with what should be classed as priority stock and how you can move towards overcoming some impacts of a vaccine shortage across industry.”

The NSA Breakfast Club webinar series is free to join. ‘Vaccines, why we can’t get them and how to manage the implications’ will take place on Wednesday 4th October at 8.30am. Registration can be made ahead of the webinar on the NSA website