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Warning to all NSA supporters to avoid scam

29th January 2023

Semi-regular activity by scammers is back again, with NSA hearing reports of its supporters receiving requests from illegitimate companies claiming to be linked to NSA sheep events.

Please be alert if you work for a company or organisation that has supported NSA sheep events in the past and you receive a pre-populated form reportedly offering free advertising in an 'International Fairs Directory' or 'Expo Guide' – see example below.

The form is a hoax. It does not carry an NSA logo but instead has an address at the bottom for a company registered in either Mexico or Costa Rica. While the suggestion is that advertising is free, the small print says anyone returning the form (using the freepost address and/or envelope provided) will be charged in the region of €1,000 per year for three years 'or it’s monetary equivalent in a currency chosen by the publisher'. Any correspondence from an International Fairs Directory, Expo Guide or any using a non-UK address should be assumed to be fraudulent.

Helen Roberts, NSA Sheep Event Organiser, says: "Any correspondence NSA sends out regarding its national or regional sheep events is clearly identified with our name, logo and full address (including the postcode). If you receive anything that is not clearly branded as coming from NSA, please ignore it. It is very frustrating that these fraudsters continue to use our name to try and fool people and we wish there were a way to stop them. Please do not be taken in by the scam and always look out for the NSA logo on all correspondence."