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NSA and Moredun

NSA and Moredun have a long history of working closely together, with a shared passion for the health of the UK sheep flock. This close synergy means all NSA members benefit from associate membership of Moredun, automatically included with their NSA subscription. As a result, NSA members can access the members portal on the Moredun website, where useful factsheets on sheep health and disease can be downloaded.

NSA and Moredun are also committed to working closely together on communicating key messages to NSA members, in Sheep Farmer magazine, at NSA meetings and events, and other opportunities throughout the sheep farming year. This ensures Moredun can share practical advice on flock health and provide updates on its ground-breaking research work.

To access Moredun resources online, NSA members need to register for the Moredun Members Dashboard.

  1. Follow this link to the Moredun website.
  2. Answer the following questions
    • "Are you already a Moredun member?" select "Yes".
    • "Do you have a membership code?" select "No".
    • "Are you an associate member?" select "Yes".
  3. Enter the email address you wish to use to log in.
  4. Select "National Sheep Association" and add your NSA membership number. Your NSA membership number can be found on any subscription administration correspondence from NSA or can be requested at
  5. Select an appropriate sector from the list (this is just for Moredun's own information).
  6. Add your name and surname. You can leave the phone number field blank if you wish but it is not mandatory.
  7. Add your address details if you wish, but it is not mandatory.
  8. Select if you wish to receive the Moredun quarterly newsletter. Select that you accept Moredun's terms and conditions.
  9. Set up a password of your choosing.
  10. Wait for Moredun to approve your membership status (this may take up to three working days) and then log in to the Moredun website at to access Moredun Disease Factsheets, Moredun magazines, Moredun Webcasts and other useful resources.