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NSA Next Generation Shepherd Competitions

The NSA Next Generation Shepherd competition is a chance for anyone aged 26 and under to show off their sheep farming skills. Each NSA region runs one competition over a two-year period. The top two contestants from each regional round qualify for the national final at NSA Sheep Event at Three Counties Showground, which is held biennially in July.

NSA Next Generation Shepherd competitions are hands-on and practical. Contestants are required to demonstrate skills such as lamb classification, body condition scoring, vaccination and dosing techniques, shearing/clipping and to put an ATV through its paces. There is also always a multiple-choice questionnaire about the sheep sector.

Qualifying rounds are often held as part of a wider NSA Next Generation day or within a regional sheep event, such as NSA Welsh Sheep or NSA Sheep South West, meaning competitors can gain plenty more than just from the competition.

Finalists are also occasionally invited to attend European and World Young Shepherd events, to compete against students and young people from other countries. The four UK nations have an exceptional track record in these competitions.

Contact your NSA region to find out about the next competition.