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NSA Next Generation Future Farming Competition, sponsored by Kepak

NSA Next Generation and Kepak are delighted to offer this new competition as part of NSA Sheep Event 2024 – in which anyone under the age of 35 is asked to apply for a hypothetical scenario to take on the management of a UK sheep farm. 

The competition offers an exciting prize pot of £700 up for grabs and an invitation to the NSA Sheep Event and NSA Sheep Event Industry Dinner for the three highest placed competitors.

Competition Scenario

Tom Farmer is the 78-year-old owner of Flock Farm, a 90-acre traditional sheep farm. He’s had a recent spell of ill health and, although the doctor says he’s fully recovered, it’s been a wake-up call. Tom realises he’s let the farm get away from him in recent years and, having no children of his own, thinks a young person could reinvigorate the business. He feels out of touch with ‘modern ideas’ about sustainability and, although he thinks the farm is probably suitable for the options replacing the Basic Payment Scheme, he’s not kept up with recent developments. He wants to enjoy his stock and keep busy, but he’s ready for someone else to make the management decisions – as long as they have ideas, passion and commitment – and are interested in sheep. He feels strongly about:- 

  1. the business continuing to have sheep at the heart of it,
  2. the farm being environmentally sustainable,
  3. maintaining the value of his asset.

Tom is sat on a reasonable amount of capital but needs someone who’s enthusiastic and up to date with the UK sheep sector. He’s read about the NSA pillars of sustainability in Sheep Farmer magazine and would like to see them applied to his farm – but has decided to be openminded about what that and the future of the flock might look like. 

Imagine you’re a distant relative of Tom and have an opportunity to convince him you’re the right person to turn this farm around. 

Complete the five questions on the form below to explain how the farm should be managed to ensure it is a sustainable enterprise that meets the future needs of the industry. 

The closing date for applications is 9am on Tuesday 18th June 2024

All applications will be sent to a panel of NSA and Kepak representatives for shortlisting. All applicants will receive a free invitation to NSA Sheep Event 2024 and three shortlisted candidates, announced in the week beginning Monday 8th July, will be …

  1. Invited to the NSA Sheep Event Industry Dinner as a guest of Kepak on the evening of Monday 29th July.
  2. Invited to meet the judging panel on the NSA stand at NSA Sheep Event 2024 on Tuesday 30th July to answer questions linked to their competition entry.

The winner, decided on the day, will be awarded a trophy and £400 prize money. The two runner ups will be presented with prize certificates and £150 each. 


Additional information about Tom Farmer of Flock Farm

  • 90 acres, all currently pasture, 12 fields.
  • Boundary fence sound but internal hedges are overgrown and porous.
  • 60ftx60ft modern building.
  • Claiming BPS but not signed up to any environmental schemes.
  • Stocked with 120 mixed lowland ewes, permanently set stocked.
  • Lamb from 1st March outdoors.
  • 150 store lambs sold each September.
  • Does not pregnancy scan.
  • Not farm assured.

Assumptions to make

  • Flock Farm is situated near you (regardless of which of the four UK nations you live in).
  • You could manage Flock Farm alongside other work. Tom would remain living on the farm and do light stock duties.
  • You and Tom Farmer would explore potential share farming agreements, profit sharing or some other mutually beneficial agreement in time, but there is no need to guess what that might be in your application. The initial stage is finding the right person with a clear and positive vision.
  • Your application needs to consider the NSA pillars of sustainability – economics (producing a saleable product), environment (sheep making a positive contribution), health (of sheep and people) and society (the role of sheep in culture and rural communities). Find the NSA Vision at for more information on the pillars of sustainability.

Next Generation Future Farming Competition

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