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Technical Information

National Sheep Association has a number of technical documents available for its members, which you can request via NSA Head Office. Please call 01684 892661 (9am-5pm Monday-Friday) or email

These are the documents available on request, which are useful, easy-to-read summaries providing technical information for sheep farmers:-

  • NSA fact sheet on towing a trailer (for trailers of any size or type)
  • NSA fact sheet on tachographs (for a combined vehicle/trailer weight of 3.5t+ or driving a lorry more than 50km)
  • NSA fact sheet on the driver Certificate of Professional Competence (for driving a lorry professionally or for commercial gain)
  • NSA fact sheet on type 1 animal transporter authorisations (for transporting animals more than 65km or for up to eight hours)
  • NSA guidance for the deterrence of ravens and applying for cull licences
  • NSA fact sheet for exporting live breeding animals to the EU
  • NSA fact sheet for UK breed societies on EU zootechnical regulations
  • NSA guidance for farmers using the NSA Lambing List
  • NSA fact sheet on BPS claims and ineligible features

Please let us know if there are other documents you feel would be useful for us to develop in the future.

We also have a small number of documents from other organisations that may be of use, they can be downloaded on this page.