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This page includes a list of frequently asked questions about NSA membership.

How do I become an NSA member? You can browse the various membership categories and sign up by visiting the 'Become a Member' section of the website. Alternatively, contact NSA Head Office using the details above.

How long does my NSA membership last?   NSA membership is annual and is valid from first day of the month of joining. 

When do I get my membership card?  Under normal circumstances, your membership card and pack will arrive within 10 days of joining NSA or renewing your membership. Your membership pack will be sent out by second class post or by the appropriate postage if you are an international member. 

Does my membership have to be held in an individual name? Yes. From 1st January 2020, Individual and Under 27 NSA memberships can only be held in one individual’s name. You cannot have more than one name or the name of a partnership/company as the membership name. You can have the name of a partnership/company as the payer if needed for your accounts. If your membership was purchased before 1st January 2020 it is permitted to have more than one name or the name of a partnership/company as the membership name, but the membership only entitles one individual to reduced/free entry into an NSA event. NSA has a Joint Membership category for members wishing to have two names on their membership and receive additional benefits.

Can I change the name of my Individual Membership during the subscription year?  If there is an error with the name or it is a pre-2020 membership that is not in a single individual’s name, yes, membership names can be amended during the subscription year and a new membership card distributed by completing this form or contacting the membership department.  You cannot change the name in order to transfer the membership to a different person, but NSA will consider requests to transfer membership within a family if the existing member has passed away or fully retired.

Can I upgrade from an Individual Membership to a Joint Membership during the subscription year?  Yes, by paying an additional sum of £10 you can upgrade from an Individual Membership to a Joint Membership (but not from an Individual Under 27 Membership). Joint Membership entitles both persons named on the membership card free/reduced entry to NSA events.

How do I change my direct debit details?  You can change your direct debit details by completing a new direct debit mandate and sending it to NSA Head Office (all direct debit mandates must have an original signature). New mandates can be obtained by contacting the membership department.

What if I want to cancel my direct debit?  You should notify your bank to cancel your direct debit and the NSA membership department. Membership subscriptions run for one year from the month of joining.

How will I know when my NSA subscription is due for renewal?  NSA will write to you one month prior to your renewal date (expiry date). 

What if I don’t pay my membership subscription on time?   Your membership will lapse and all benefits will cease at your notified expiry date. All benefits will start again on the date you pay your membership subscription. If you pay within three months of your expiry date, you will retain your existing membership number and renewal date. If you pay within 12 months of your expiry date, you will retain your existing membership number but your renewal date will move to your reinstatement date. If you re-join after more than 12 months you will be classed as a new member. NSA encourages members to pay by direct debit to ensure your membership does not become inactive – and offers a 20% discount in the first year you pay by direct debit. Reinstated members are not eligible for offers, discounts or prize draws for new members.

What if I have lost my membership card?  Please contact the membership department using the contact details below and NSA will supply you with a free replacement card.

If I have signed up for an under 27s membership, when do I have to pay the adult membership subscription?  You will have to pay the adult subscription rate at the first renewal date after your 27th birthday. 

I've notice discount codes being offered to new members. Why isn’t a discount offered on renewals to reward existing members? NSA is a not-for-profit organisation/registered charity and every membership subscription is vital in funding its work to provide a voice for the UK sheep sector. Discount codes are offered to encourage sheep farmers to join NSA for the first time, so they can recognise the important work NSA does and continue to support it in the long-term. Offering a discount code on membership renewals would reduce NSA’s income and, therefore, its ability to fulfil its stated objectives. In fact, for members who recognise the work NSA does, it is possible to add an annual donation to your subscription.

How can I cancel my membership?  Membership can be cancelled by contacting the NSA membership department.

If I cancel my membership before the end of my year’s subscription, do I get a refund?  Refunds for membership can be obtained within one month of making payment. However, refunds will not be given if you decide to cancel part way through the membership year. Please contact the membership department if you wish to obtain a refund within one month of your subscription starting/renewing. If your membership is paid by direct debit, contact your bank to tell them a payment has been taken in error.

When would NSA cancel my membership?  NSA will notify you that your membership has been cancelled if the subscription due is not paid in full within two months of the expiry date. Your membership can be reinstated though – see above about late payments.


If this page does not answer your query, or you would like to request more information, contact the NSA Membership Department by calling 01684 892661 or emailing . Our postal address is NSA, The Sheep Centre, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6PH.