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Looking after your worms to help lambs grow and manage anthelmintic resistance: Learnings from the Zolvix Exchange programme

Date: 13th December 2023

Location: Online - Zoom

NSA and Elanco discuss best practice wormer use based on recent experience of UK sheep farmers – the Zolvix Exchange Programme.

The use of the two most recent groups of anthelmintic has to be a careful balance between harnessing their potential to slow down the development of resistance and protecting them from overuse. Sheep producers can help slow the rate of development of anthelmintic resistance in lambs and increase growth rates (if resistant worms are holding them back) by treating with the newer wormers later in the season.

Chaired by Kevin Harrison, the session offers presentations from Kaz Strycharczyk, Black Sheep Farm Health, on how the landscape looks for sheep worms, followed by Matt Colston, Elanco, on the principles of the Zolvix Exchange scheme.

Collect 2 RoSA points  and 9 AMTRA points for attending.