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NSA Eastern Region ARMM

Date: 8th November 2023

Time: 7pm

Location: Heath Court Hotel, Moulton Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8DY

Wednesday 8th November kick started the NSA ARMM’s at Newmarket for the Eastern Region. Dan Phipps, NSA Chair shared his report and the Treasurer’s report to the well-attended evening meeting. Interestingly the Region proposed HQ investing a proportion of their regions income through the advice of Rathbones to secure their finances going forward.  All ram sale reports demonstrated high valued and in-demand livestock produced in the region, with events in profit despite numbers being slightly down this year. Andrew Foulds agreed to continue his position as NSA Trustee for the region. Robert Spinks, Regional Vice Chair stepped into Mr Phipps’ position as Chair. Regional Vice Chair was filled by Lisa Adams. The Treasurer position still remains open so if any member in the region are interested, please contact Josh Brock ( The region’s English Committee representatives Mr Phipps and Miss Adams remain as they are, and Lou Osmond was elected to replace Mr Foulds.

After the formalities, Nicola Noble, NSA Project Manager gave a short update on NSA Head Office activity and enlightened the group on her roles and responsibilities at NSA, followed by Josh Brock, Eastern Regional Manager who provided a fascinating update on his recent trip to the Falkland Islands, explaining how their sheep sector’s main output is wool and the differences in breeds, structure and management due to this focus.

Mr Phipps stood down as regional Chair and was presented with a small gift from the region, thanking him for all his hard work. Mr Phipps comments: “Although I’m sad to be stepping down, I’m thrilled and encouraged to see two NSA Next Generation Ambassadors striding to the podium. I’ve no doubt the region is in safe hands with both Robert and Lisa taking on the roles.” NSA would like to extend its thanks to Mr Phipps for his continued support, and to all the other regional committee members for their continued commitment to NSA.