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NSA Eastern Region Rugby Ram Sale

Date: 25th August 2023

Time: 10am

Location: Rugby Livestock Market

NSA Eastern Region was delighted to work with Rugby Farmers Market once again to hold the NSA Eastern Region Rugby Ram Sale. The sale was held on Friday 25th August, starting at 2.30pm (after the sale of commercial ewes).

The show and sale was supported by farmers near and far and this year was no exception.

Dan Branson, who is well respected within the Sheep Industry, was the NSA judge, and he did a tremendous job. Thanks goes to Dan. He judged three classes:-

Pedigree Texel Rams

1st Prize - Andrew Barnes.

2nd Prize - Messrs R & B Smith.

3rd Prize - M & L Blakemore.


Pedigree Charollais Rams

1st Prize - C.D. Timm.

2nd Prize - C.W. Thomas.

3rd Prize - J.S. Barber.


Pedigree Cross Breeds

1st Prize - C.D. Timm.

2nd Prize - C.D. Timm.

3rd Prize - J.L. Root.


The overall winner went to Chris Timm and his pen of four Beltex Rams who received the winning rosettes from the judge before the sale.

The sale went extremely well with fierce bidding throughout for all breeds of rams.

The top priced ram went to a Charollais from J.S. Barber and sold for £882, to Messrs B.F. Humphrey & Sons.

The top Texel ram from Messrs M & L Blakemore was bought by Messrs W.W. Spokes & Son for £819 and the same price was paid for the top Suffolk from Messrs J & R Lowe to A.G.M. Farndon.


Charollais Rams £315 to £882. Average - £555.55.

Texel Rams  £357 to £819. Average - £615.34.

Suffolk Ram Lambs £441 to £483 AVE £ 463.75.

Suffolk Rams  £588 to £819. Average - £666.75.

Beltex Rams £325.50 to £661.50. Average - £558.92.

Blue Texel Rams £399 to £682.50. Average £535.50.

Hampshire Rams to £315. Average - £315.

MV Accredited Ewes: 19 Forward


Before the sale of rams a few pedigree MV ewes were sold, which were a wonderful trade, especially from Messrs P & A Miller who sold to £341.25 for his best pen and £309.75 for his second.

Pedigree Texel Shearling Ewes £199.50 to £341.25.


***Click here to download a sale catalogue***


Note on the sale. NSA ram sales around the country pride themselves in selling high quality animals that are independently inspected for testicles, teeth and general health by an NSA-approved inspector. NSA Eastern Region is committed to taking this one step further with its two sales (at Rugby and Melton Mowbray) being for MV-accredited rams only, giving buyers an additional level of assurance. Unlike for many iceberg diseases, an accessible accreditation scheme is available for MV and NSA Eastern Region supports breeders’ involvement in the programme to contribute towards health standards within the national flock.