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NSA welcomes news of a General Election and looks forward to continued progress to a sustainable sheep farming future

24th May 2024

The National Sheep Association (NSA) is welcoming yesterdays (Wednesday 22nd May) announcement from the Prime Minister that a General Election will now be held in just six week’s time, on Thursday 4th July 2024. The announcement ends the speculation seen for months that would surely have only built the longer this decision was delayed. 

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: “You do get to a point where speculation and growing uncertainty gets in the way of progress, so I welcome the fact that we now know the date of the General Election and we can get on with this, get it out of the way, and move forward again from the summer.

“Sheep farmers, like others, need some stability and a clear future direction, accepting that we are working in a world where change is inevitable and, in many cases, desirable. The UK agricultural sector is already on a trajectory towards more sustainable farming, where food production has become recognised as more important, without taking away the need for better natural resource protection, helping to tackle climate change, and providing for nature within a farmed landscape. There is nothing I hear from the Labour Party to suggest that if there were to be a political change, that we would see a change of direction and that has to be good suggesting no major deviation whatever the election result. NSA has worked hard to grow relationships with both the major political parties so they understand the opportunities and the barriers faced by sheep farmers and I feel we have done that with some success.”

News of the General Election date comes as NSA is busy with final plans for a summer of events including the flagship event of the Association - NSA Sheep Event 2024 - on Tuesday 30th July shortly after the important electoral decisions have been made.

Mr Stocker continues: “We welcome this news to end uncertainty and start a new chapter.  We have plans for a cross party debate at NSA Sheep Event 2024. This now presents NSA with the opportunity to welcome visitors to this key event that will now be one of the first major farming events to follow the election allowing significant and important early public discussions with what will then be confirmed as our future political environmental, farming, and rural affairs leaders.”

For further details on NSA Sheep Event 2024 that takes place at the Three Counties Showground, Worcestershire can be found at