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Shepherding work made easier thanks to NSA prize giveaway

5th March 2024

Shepherding work has been made easier this year for one Cornish turned Scottish sheep farmer. As the lucky new winner of the 2023 NSA prize giveaway, Kim Courtauld from Argyll can now make good use of his prize of a 3.0m Porta-Yards mobile sheep handling system, kindly provided by Wise Agriculture.

Kim and his family moved to their Argyll hill farm five years ago, more than 600 miles north from their former home in Cornwall. They now run 285 ewes as well as 40 cattle over 880 acres, also producing Christmas turkeys and managing four holiday cottages.

Kim was surprised to receive the amazing news that he has been selected at random as the winner, he comments: “I could not believe it! I had entered after receiving an NSA and British Wool email promoting the competition. The sheep handling system will be a huge help to my aging body and will help revitalize our fank (fold).”

NSA was able to offer members and contacts the chance to win the prize, worth more than £10,000 thanks to generous support from Wise Agriculture, a family run business based in North Yorkshire servicing the entire UK. The company specialises in supplying premium brands of cattle and sheep handling equipment from around the world, including weighing and EID equipment and software to livestock producers across the country.

Edward Wise of Wise Agriculture says: “We partnered with the NSA to giveaway a 3.0m Porta-Yards mobile sheep handling system as a way to give back to the farming community and were excited to see it go to such a deserving farming family. The mobile sheep yard will be put through its paces by the Courtauld’s as it works to help their flock handling efficiency and ease.”

The prize was presented by Edward Wise and NSA Scottish Region Coordinator Grace Reid. (See picture below). 

The 3.0m Porta-Yards mobile sheep handling system by Landquip NZ supplied by Wise Agriculture is a combination of quality materials and functional design. Capable of handling 250 head, capacity can be increased when used with an existing fence to provide even more benefit. For more information visit