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Apply for a job, work experience or placement

To support the next generation of sheep farmers and allied industries, NSA is committed to helping people find job, work experience or a college/university placement in the sheep sector. This service is only available for people with a full driving or tractor licence.

If you are an NSA member

  • Young people who are NSA members and searching for a full or part-time job or work experience in the sheep sector are eligible to have an advert detailing their requirements included in the NSA Weekly Email Update, which is sent to all members every Friday. Adverts ask farmers to contact you if they have a vacancy available.
  • NSA will only advertise job searches for members who have suitable experience; individuals who have not already spent time working on farms are recommended to build up their skills through local work experience placements and training first.
  • In addition to the Weekly Email Update, advertisements will be placed on the NSA website for one month.
  • To submit your details please complete the online form below, ensuring your NSA membership number is provided in the comments.

If you are not an NSA member

  • Advertisements are also accepted from students and young people looking for full or part-time job or work experience who are not members of the NSA.
  • Adverts will be placed on the NSA website for one month.
  • To receive the added benefit of inclusion in the NSA Weekly Email Update, which is sent directly to members every Friday, membership of the NSA is required. To find details on NSA membership and the package of benefits it includes please visit
  • To submit your details please complete the online form below

Young people looking for lambing work experience should use the NSA Lambing List in the first instance. This provides details of NSA members looking for help at lambing time. If you have completed at least one lambing placement and are looking for an advanced work experience placement over a sustained period of time, a request can be made using the online form.

College and university students looking for a placement/sandwich year (from nine to 18 months duration) can request that NSA includes their details on the NSA website or in the NSA Weekly Email Update as explained above. This service generally runs in the first four months of the calendar year, for students looking for a placement starting that summer/autumn.

Please take your time filling in an application, making sure that relevant information is provided that can be turned into an advert similar to the examples listed below. NSA does not take any responsibility for incorrect information included in adverts.

Example 1: John Bloggs (20), an Agriculture and Business student at Harper Adams University, is looking for a 12-month placement on a sheep or sheep/beef farm. He would like a paid placement anywhere in the UK, starting in June, with accommodation provided if outside of Cumbria. John has worked on several large stock farms in the past and is confident with handling stock and machinery. He has a particular interest in breeding pedigree rams, but is looking for a placement on a commercial or pedigree sheep farm. John has a full driving licence, PA1 and PA2, ATV licence and chainsaw qualifications. He is also in the process of obtaining his trailer licence. To contact John please email *** or call ***.

Example 2: Jenny Smith (18) is looking for a full or part-time position working with sheep in Somerset or Wiltshire (with accommodation if outside of South Somerset). She has just finished her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Agriculture at Plumpton College, has experience working with sheep, including indoor lambing, and holds her ATV, health and safety, first aid, PA1 and PA6 certificates, along with a full driving licence. Jenny can provide excellent references and can be contacted at [provide contact details].

Information provided to NSA via the form below will be used in line with the NSA privacy policy.


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