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Influencing NSA work

NSA works hard to ensure the voices of grassroots members influence all the work done in the policy, technical, research and developments arenas - and that includes hearing the opinions and priorities of younger members and individuals involved in the NSA Next Generation programme. 

  • Members of all ages are encouraged to join their regional committee and feed in views via the regional structure.
  • Any sheep farmer can reach out directly to NSA Head Office to ask if a topic they feel should be a priority is an area of activity for NSA. Call NSA Head Office or email
  • Individuals under the age of 35 can express an interest in joining the NSA Next Generation Policy & Technical Group, which is a sub-committee of the NSA UK Policy & Technical Committee that discusses similar topics to the main committee and feeds in the views and concerns of younger sheep farmers. Email to find out more.
  • NSA Next Generation runs trips to Westminster, Holyrood, the Welsh Senedd (and possible Stormont in the future). These provide a fantastic insight into how sheep farming policy is developed and debated by Ministers in different parts of the UK, and also how NSA engages with Ministers and civil servants to ensure the voice of sheep farmers is heard. Email to enquire about forthcoming trips and how they are (part) funded by NSA Next Generation.