NSA questions popular restaurant chain’s controversial and disappointing decision

15th July 2022

As a long established favourite choice for Sunday lunchtimes, lamb is often especially popular for those choosing to enjoy a traditional roast dinner when eating out. The National Sheep Association (NSA) was therefore recently disappointed to hear of a well known restaurant chain removing lamb from their carvery menu.

Pub carvery chain Toby Carvery has stopped serving lamb on Sundays, blaming ongoing stock issues for the decision, a move that NSA would question as sustainably produced, delicious British lamb is currently in plentiful supply.

Diners at the restaurants have already expressed their disappointment at the loss of their favourite roast but many more people will simply be denied the choice and go on and choose another menu option.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker comments: “With our varied British landscape producing lamb that hits the market throughout the year, availability should never be an issue – and supply is certainly not a problem now. NSA questions the decision of Toby Carvery to remove lamb as we know it is a much enjoyed meat for those treating themselves to a meal out and one of the most sustainable sources of protein available to us. If Toby restaurants are struggling with stock issues, then there are plenty of suppliers that could step in and provide a consistent and reliable supply of quality lamb.

“At a time when good food choices can help promote a sustainable lifestyle and support farmers who are doing such a good job of looking after the countryside, removing lamb from the Toby Carvery menu is a huge disappointment. I really hope that Toby Carvery will consider reversing its decision and put delicious British lamb back on the plates for its diners to enjoy.”

The UK is a net exporter of lamb and mutton meaning that we consume slightly lower volumes than we produce, exporting around 35% of our production. The UK then imports a similar volume from countries such as New Zealand. Consumption figures regularly reveal that lamb is a meat often enjoyed out of the home so its place on menus of establishments such as Toby Carvery is important to sustain and build on this level of domestic consumption.